Custom Gift Card- 1 Pair of Boots, Shoes

Regular price $385.00
Made to Order - Ships in 6-8 weeks

Men are particularly hard to shop for. Not sure what style or size, but you know that the man in your life would appreciate a handcrafted pair of boots? This is the perfect option for you. 

This is a gift card set at $385 - which will cover the price for most custom makeups we offer for first-time customers- Once ordered, we will share our Custom Order form which will indicate additional costs based on customer's preferences. 

It works as simple as this- check out with a Gift Card, print the cover photo (or any) to give to your loved one, and then reach out to us with the order # at

- From here, we will advise the gift card recipient on style, size and custom options as well as any additional fees depending on the components chosen. 

Happy shopping!

***Please allow 6-8 weeks for production once order details have been confirmed and submitted to the factory