Meet the Makers: Mick

This is Mick. Our business literally could not function without him. He handles our entire shipping / fulfillment department. He can pinpoint where any style is located in inventory at the factory, out of the 14k pairs in stock for our partners factory’s brands. For Mark Albert, he makes ensures that all of our hard work is safe and sound going to the right customers. Most impressively, get ready for it, Mick has not missed a SINGLE day of work in his 13 years with the factory. He’ll tell you he doesn’t believe in it so through rain or shine or sickness, Mick will be at work and shipping like crazy. He’s about as loyal as they come. 


Mick is known for his extreme power-walking, I mean the guy can really move and I’ve told him he could race competitively haha. Mick loves “good music” from the 80s and one of his favorites is Ozzy. On the weekends, he enjoys what he considers the true king of beers, Milwaukee’s Best (I’ve argued with him many times over this).

He also loves spending time with his son - playing old school video games or watching the latest Marvel movie. 

He’s the type to surprise you with a bag of jolly ranchers on a rough day just because he’s a cool dude- and I’m glad to have him as a friend and one of the hardest working folks I know.