Meet The Makers: Jerry

This is Jerry. He has one of the most important and skilled jobs at the factory. He works in the Second Making department and is in charge of trimming and scouring each and every boot that passes through the factory. This means he receives the boot or shoe after the sole and heel is attached, and he must trim down all of the excess to make the heels and soles smooth and presentable. In the process, the belts used for sanding move so quickly that they can take your skin off in the blink of an eye- this is why Jerry wears a pair of makeshift leather half gloves to protect his hands.

Jerry is also an Army veteran who was deployed and served oversees. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his son.

He is one of the makers who we are proud to highlight and we are grateful for his skill that allows us to bring the best products to you.