Meet The Makers: Bonnie

This is Bonnie. Like a few others at the factory, she wears many hats and does a number of jobs throughout her day-to-day. She has been a crucial team member since she first started working at the original Bender Shoe Co. in 1978.

Bonnie works in the Second Making Department- here she handles all of the edge inks and edge finishes on the boots. Literally, every single boot that this factory produces has been inked by Bonnie's own hands (that's approx. 50,000 last year alone). She also works closely with the Mark Albert styles that require special Vibram outsoles and adhesion procedures.

In her spare time, Bonnie loves spending time with her family and her horses. Her daughter, Ginger, nieces, Kimmy and Amber, and sister, Jen, all work at the factory also. It is people like Bonnie that keep us operating and we could not be more proud to feature her in the first Meet the Makers write up.

Stay posted to learn more about the passionate men and women who handcraft all of our boots and shoes!