Meet The Makers

When you support Mark Albert, you are supporting the jobs of more than 50 American workers.


Meet The Makers: April

April's attention to detail and skill set is imperative in the manufacturing of our boots.

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Meet The Makers: Alameda

Alameda is truly a one-of-a-kind person to work with. Never once has she greeted me without an ear-to-ear smile.

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Meet The Makers: Jerry

Jerry is in charge of trimming and scouring each and every boot that passes through the factory.

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Meet The Makers: Bonnie

Like a few others at the factory, Bonnie wears many hats and does a number of jobs throughout her day-to-day.

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Meet The Makers: John

John's title is Production Manager, but he is so much more than just that. His experience and leadership have kept the factory going strong. 

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Meet The Makers: Mick

Mick is a hell of a character and a hell of a hard worker. This man hasn’t missed a day of work in his 13 years with the factory and we couldn’t function without him.

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