Meet The Makers: Gail


One of the most essential pieces of the process of shoemaking is having the leather patterns securely in place before stitching. Enter Gail, our cementer, who has serious attention to detail on top of an all-around lovely personality. Gail is responsible for making sure that all of the pieces of the boot are present once they leave the cutting room before she cements the necessary pieces together. Once she has them cemented, they are ready for stamping and stitching. 

Gail's attitude truly radiates positivity throughout the workday, which is so very appreciated. I often find myself having conversations with Gail about everything from her daughters marathon running career to her yearly super yard sale. 

If it were not for people like Gail, we would not only be short an incredibly important step of the process, but also, we would be a whole hell of a lot less happy in the sewing department.

Stay tuned as we continue to feature more incredible workers from our Pennsylvania factory.