Meet the Makers: Ginger


For our next Meet the Makers feature, we have Ginger. Ginger is in charge of the lasting department and her job is pivotal to the process of making our boots and shoes.Thanks 

Once an upper is sewn, lasts are pulled, and insoles are attached to the last, Ginger begins her process. Initially, she must heat each upper to ensure that the leather is soft enough to be stretched over the last and then pulled on our pull-over machine. It is her job to make sure that the upper is stretched over the last evenly, so as to make sure that no toe caps are uneven, etc. Once the boots are checked to ensure both pairs are even in critical areas, Ginger then sidelasts the boots. This part involves incredibly strong forearms- as she manually grips the uppers on the side of the boot, pulls them evenly over the rib, and uses a sidelasting machine to staple the upper in the right position to the rib. It’s important that the boot is even because the next step requires the boot to be trimmed before it is inseam sewn.

Ginger is the daughter of Bonnie (featured in another Meet the Makers post)- she has been with the factory for over 10 years and is a workhorse. In her spare time, no pun intended, Ginger loves horses in her spare time and spends a lot of time volunteering at the local saddle club. 

Without dedicated workers like Ginger, we would be be able to provide quality products to you, and we very much appreciate your support in keeping us busy! 

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